Japan Prefectural Capital Quiz
Play Time Attack and get the first place!

What is Japan Prefectural Capital Quiz?

Japan Prefectural Capital Quiz is a web application game to guess the prefectural government location from 4 choices of cities, towns, and villages.

Let's have fun learning prefectural capitals with this quiz game.

The prefectural capitals of the 47 prefectures are also questions in geography. Can you answer all of them?

In this prefectural capitals quiz game application, you can learn the prefectural capitals of each prefecture by taking a quiz.

You will be given four choices of cities, wards, towns, and villages within a prefecture, so try to guess the prefectural seat of that prefecture.

You can start playing right away, no need to log in or anything.

Please feel free to take the quiz and try to remember the prefectural capitals.

Let's learn prefectural capitals and compete in the ranking!

The prefectural capitals quiz game application has a ranking function for each course.

In this ranking, you can take the prefectural capitals quiz and see how many questions you answer correctly.

How many questions you answer correctly

How many seconds it takes you to complete the quiz

and how many seconds it takes you to complete the quiz.

Please compete with your friends and learn the prefectural capitals of the 47 prefectures by playing.

The ranking is open to the whole country and even to the world, so if you get the first place, you may call yourself the best prefectural government office master in Japan and the world. Please try to get the first place.

There are four courses of the prefectural government quiz.

--Beginner level 10 questions course

In the beginner level, you will be asked 10 questions about 10 prefectures in Japan.

The number of questions is only 10, so the key to getting into the top ranking is how quickly and accurately you can guess the prefectural capitals.

--Intermediate 20-question course

In the intermediate level, there will be a 20-question quiz on prefectural capitals.

The number of questions is twice as many as the Beginner level, so it will test your patience.

--Advanced level: 30 questions

In the advanced level, you will be given 20 questions on prefectural capitals.

--The most difficult 47-prefecture quiz course

The last course is the most difficult course, in which all 47 prefectures in Japan are quizzed.

Please try to answer all the questions and become a prefectural government location master.

*Each course has its own ranking, so please try again and again to get to the top of the list.

Let's memorize prefectural capitals with the "Look Back" function.

The prefectural capitals quiz game app has a "Look Back" function that allows you to review the quiz questions after you finish each course.

If you are not sure during the quiz, you can review the quiz questions.

My Page that can be used as a study record

In the prefectural capitals quiz game application, you can check your entire quiz play history on "My Page".

You can also see your best time, number of correct answers, and speed for each course, so you can use it as a learning record of prefectural capitals.

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We hope you will enjoy learning prefectural capitals through the quiz.

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